How to Make 500$ In a week: step by step 2019 

we people love money by nature everyone wants to earn money but you have to qualify for something,you have to study,but these days these are not can earn money on internet through many i am going to told you the secret of earning money on the internet.

1.Affiliate marketing:Affiliate Marketing are one of the those thing that you can make money on sitting in your can earn upto 500 dollar every week.

Here are some websites to earn money by Affiliate marketing.

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1.Amazon-amazon are those websites that you can earn money without investment you have to only sign up on amazon Affiliates and sell the product you can earn 10 to 12% on every single products.

2.Bluehost-bluehost are those rare websites which you can earn upto 100$,you have to only sell their item and you can earn up to 100-120$.

3.Hostgator-this is a hosting website through you can earn up to 3000 rupees by selling their products.

2.Blogging-now this is a very common topic which we discuss blogging is ultimate sources of earning money through your knowledge and writing can earn up to 500$ every if you have a computer or mobile you can start it on today on wordpress,blogger.

3.E-book-if you don't know about how to make e book online and sell it on online i am here.if you have a knowledge about anything or you love to write stories like fiction,drama or anything you can earn money by selling e book,now i have something to discuss with you,the first thing you have to make it e book on wordpad and convert it into PDF form and design its covers. you can design with picsart or other websites.

now you have to make account on instamojo which is the platform of payout or receive money.go thorugh it and sell the e-book.

4.drop shipping-you heard about shopify you can earn money through shopify you have to only make your own type of e-commerce profile on shopify and earn have to only sell your product.

5.fiverr-if you don't heard about fiverr it is a  freelancer website which you can make your profile and give services of digital marketing,those who need it the person will give you money through paypal and you have to work for him you 500$ daily.